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What People Say

After a few years of on and off counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy, I knew I needed to explore and prioritise my mental health that little bit deeper. I came across Stuart when looking into hypnotherapists around my local area, and as soon as I had my initial consultation, I knew he was someone that I could be honest and build a great rapport with. 


From the first appointment, it was very clear to me that Stuart understood and knew how to deal with my issues, which included childhood traumas that were still affecting my personality and decision making. Stuart's warm nature and hypnosis techniques allowed me to dig deeper and better understand myself and address these traumas. 


I would highly recommend Stuart if you’re looking for help through hypnosis which includes counselling and CBT.

Dipesh, Coventry (Dec 2022)

Hi Stuart I can’t thank you enough for helping me through the darkest time of my life you have been so kind and understanding and I really appreciate everything you have done for me and I know if I fall again I can count on you and come and see you again which is a great comfort thank you once again take care Sue

SW, Coventry, November 2022

Being an anxious person through my life I have always struggled to accept this. After a torrid lockdown, and several concerning trips to the GP, I realised I needed to seek support. After an initial conversation with Stuart I felt at ease and I decided to move forward this. I was hesitant to use a zoom or Skype setting, however Stuart offered a face to face appointment in a comfortable and secure environment. First meeting, amazing! Direct and informed approach which made me feel at ease, none of this questionnaire sessions being offered. Anyway, 6 weeks in and all I can say is I’m in a lot better place and feel so proud of myself. I’m more calm in surroundings, I’m comfortable and more self confident with everything I do and gained the skills to combat anything thrown in front of me. Yes you need to put in the work, but the guidance and support provided, in a secure, direct and open minded manner Stuart provides, got me here. Thank you Stuart for the making me feel happy for being me again!

AR, Leicester (June 2022)

Prior to meeting with Stuart, I had seen counsellors and psychologists regarding my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), all with varying success, so wanted to try hypnotherapy.
December 2020 I was really struggling and sought to find additional help, which is when I first met Stuart. I hadn’t tried hypnotherapy before and was a little sceptical, however right away he made me feel very calm and at ease, with the therapy room always feeling like a safe space. Every session, extensive preparation was done by Stuart to really make sure that progress was being consistently made and the core issues were being tackled. Tailoring each script and session to what suited me, and made me feel very relaxed. Lots of different techniques from hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and exposure and response prevention (ERP) were explored throughout the course of the treatment, with each technique targeting different aspects of the OCD.
A year later the progress made has been extensive, taking away tools and tips that I can now implement into my everyday life to try and keep my OCD at bay. I couldn’t recommend Stuart enough and thank him for all his help.

A, Warwickshire (Dec 2021)

I would like to say that I met Stuart in a professional capacity recently when I booked some sessions.

He was very friendly and I liked him instantly. The sessions were very good I felt relaxed and after the sessions felt bursting with energy.

Stuart was totally professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

Dawn, Coventry (April 2021)

What a great guy! Thank you so much Stuart for working with me and changing the way I look at things and deal with them. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after telling Stuart all about my anxieties and stress and bad habits he’s invested time in me and over the course of a few weeks he’s really helped me to focus on the positive things in life and deal with negative issues in a much calmer way. He was very professional and made me feel so relaxed. If your looking to cure anything or improve things in your life through hypnosis, Stu is your man.

Louise, Coventry (Dec 2020)

I contacted Stuart when I knew I needed to do something about my anxiety, as it was becoming out of control regarding an impending trip, and I needed some extra intervention. I am a counsellor and despite knowing tricks and tips, I needed something more and am always supportive of additional treatments alongside counselling.
From the first assessment, it was clear Stuart was invested in my issues. I benefitted greatly just from that first assessment. The hypnotherapy sessions that followed were also of great benefit and Stuart works hard to personalise the scripts and plans he creates for each session.
The room he uses is comfortable and he makes you feel completely at ease. I would highly recommend him to any of my clients, should they need that additional intervention and also to friends and family.

Amy, Leicester (October 2020)

Stuart was fantastic, it was my first hypnotherapy experience which was a huge help to me. I’d highly recommend him and seems to go above and beyond to help you. Would definitely use again if needed.

Karen, Warwick (Oct 2020)

Stuart is a most excellent therapist, very understanding and with a good empathic manner and a kind voice. As a hypnotherapist myself I could not fault his technique in the slightest and would recommend him to anyone just interested in the experience or with a specific issue

Richard, Birmingham (Oct 2020)

Stuart is a wonderful hypnotherapist. Right from the beginning I felt like Stuart understood what I was there for. He made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. The consultation was excellent, making sure he had everything he needed for the hypnotherapy which was also excellent. I felt so calm and refreshed afterwards. Thank you Stuart. I will recommend you and will use you again.

Siobhan, Wolverhampton (Sept 2020)

Can’t speak highly enough of Stuart, my experience was such a positive one. Stuart really listens and makes you feel at ease throughout. Thank you so much.

Lois, Coventry (Sept 2020)

Stuart was warm and welcoming and made me feel very much at ease before the Hypnotherapy session. During the Hypnotherapy itself I felt myself in an extremely relaxed state and since the session I have found that I have dealt with issues with a much calmer mind. I would highly recommend Stuart if you're looking for help through Hypnosis.

Claire, Coventry (Feb 2020)

Would definitely recommend Stuart. I have had a hypnotherapy session with him, he was very professional and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I have never had hypnotherapy before, so was skeptical as to whether it would work. But so far so good it has worked for me with bad eating habits. Give it a go.

Theresa, Coventry (Jan 2020)

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